Our Own!!!

It is the same everywhere.
Some Blacks hate their own.
Africans/Ghanaians love foreign material. We have Universities that are expanding their courses by the minute. We have Polytechnics that are being upgraded. What the heck then is wrong with us not appreciating our own? Are our own not capable of redesigning the city or any other works for that matter? Then you might as well shutdown all the schools and import, yes import foreigners to come and do the work.
Are we ready for our own or is it mere clamor for change?
We quote foreign. We quote Western. We quote anything that is not Black.
We are quick to refer to foreign material to buttress our point.
Let our own write something and we dismiss it because we know so and so.
We hardly even patronize our indigenous writers all because they are not good enough, they are not matured enough or there is no meat on the bones ( do you remember when you mentioned same?)

Even our very indigenous food has been substituted for pizza and burgers. How the heck did our ancestors live that long without the need for nursing homes and medications? Why are we throwing away the very foundations of our existence? Do we forget that is our identity? Come on! some things i accept we can and must change but others make us who we are.

A few years ago, I touched on the craze of indecency especially in dressing that has hit the youth. Sagging pants; obscene exposures; I will do a different article altogether. Until then, in as much as the truth hurts, it must stand. Let us say it as it is.

Let us appreciate our own and prop them up.
That way we would also build a strong and formidable base.
Hate me or Love me, I have said it. I will continue to say it.

The Change starts with You!


Published by: #SILENTNOISES

I am a social advocate with a biased focus on empowering Fathers to be role models for not only their children but all children. I also love to write reflecting articles and poems on social issues. I am married with a wonderful and loving wife with whom I have three lovely children.

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