In this matter of Ghana @ 61…

Back to the drawing board. 6th of March is Ghana’s independence day. It will be celebrated all over the world. Everywhere two or three Ghanaians are, they will put their heads together and play some “Ebony’, “Wutah” “Sarkodi3” among others. They will cook Fufu and light soup, waakye, banku (if possible) and tilapia and the mighty Jollof. In Ghana, the day will be celebrated with useless march pasts that was bequeathed to us by the Colonial Master. School children will stand in the wickedly blazing sun all across the country to offer a parade to be reviewed by the president and his appointees all over. I wish Nana could say “No more”. Enough of this colonial nonsense and henceforth you judges should stop donning those outrageous robes and wigs. They are relics. Even those that asked us to wear then, no longer wear them. I am nearly derailing. My apologies.
61 years of freedom. Freedom from what? 61 years of independence? What independence? I would rather say 61 years of DEPENDENCE. After all, we still go begging with a tin cup in both hands and the tinkling noise of the pittance handed to us makes us dance as though to the rhythms of the atumpan drums. 61 years of Freedom and we still cannot think straight as a people. We are lawless to a fault and deem ourselves above the law. This is the law of our land. The land that our forefathers fought to ensure independence from colonization. If we cannot protect our own, then let us go back to them. When we travel outside we obey the rules of law as though it is our biological mother, yet when we are home we point to our father’s house with our left hand.
Last year, I asked if the President would ride in a Katanka to boost the message about Made in Ghana? This year? I am hoping that the rhetoric would cease and we would see some real actions.
Example: stop the annexation of Ghana to Nigeria else one day we would celebrate Nigeria independence day as ours. The Nigerians seem to have to taken over (apologies to Shatta) Ghana. They have brought with them their version of lawlessness which is grades higher than that of Ghanaians.
Another example: the spate of armed robberies is disheartening. Why? They rob with impunity and kill brazenly; all in broad daylight. Where are the security agencies? Or these are also Delta Invicible Forces?
Another example: Jospong after ripping the country off is also walking around with raised shoulders. Look at Zoomlion contracts and the treatment of workers. Yet you commend him! How?  Do not forget there are others like him.Then the ordinary decides to emulate Jospong but ends up using the gun to achieve his end.
61 years of what? Our health care system is nothing. Our Veep had to be rushed out of the country to seek medical attention. Why? Can the nation Ghana not put up affordable and smart healthcare facilities for its people? Why buy these V12s to show off as status quo and have the blood of the inhabitants on your heads?
61 years of negligence. We have allowed negligence to become our fabric of choice for everyday wear. We are negligent in speech right through to being negligent in our actions. Some accidents are avoidable so are certain deaths but then thanks to Dada Negligent……                                                                                                                61 years of filth. 61 years of garbage. At times I ask if we do not create the very aura to befit our description. Then we stand up to say we have been insulted when the truth is shoved down our throats.  Even the capital city or major cities are nothing to write about yet I believe we have sanitation capos walking around enjoying hefty salaries and “fianga gers” When it rains ………………………………………..        Our security. Mr President your own security detail is fraught with mistakes. There seems to be some many errors going on around you but then i understand. You are “book-long” and nowhere near the operation aspect of things, I wont be surprised if you at times get confused y the lingo.  You have a million security capos: Security Sinister, Security Adviser, Security Consultant, Security Secretary, IGP, Deputies, Military Chiefs Intelligence Chiefs, security pastors and the almighty prophets, Let them work.

I would wish, a national day of reflection on the 6th day of March. I would wish the people especially those in office and our clergy to ponder  over their actions and words and reflect on where Ghana is today.
It can be done. It will be done. Let us as one hold accountable office holders and put on a new cloth woven of Truth, Law, Accountability and Integrity.
Blessings Always.

Published by: #SILENTNOISES

I am a social advocate with a biased focus on empowering Fathers to be role models for not only their children but all children. I also love to write reflecting articles and poems on social issues. I am married with a wonderful and loving wife with whom I have three lovely children.


2 thoughts on “In this matter of Ghana @ 61…”

  1. Very mind provoking piece. Unfortunately all the essential issues you’ve raised will be overlooked. I believe those in the diaspora have the benefit of making a change in mother Ghana but without a substantial amount of wealth no one back in Ghana will listen to them. I pray we see this change in our time. Thank you

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