Why? Just a bit of Common Sense

It is as though we never learn. It is as though we constantly wait for disasters to take place and move into the realm of lamentation. It is as though we cannot thrive as a people without a so called prophecy goading us on like sheep or cattle being guided through a gate. Why o why?
If I had my own way and if I had the means, I would take some people to court for failing as administrators of the nation to cater for the general well being of its inhabitants. People are voted into office not to abuse power but to serve the people. With that service comes perks that are supposed to compensate for lack of certain freedom or constraint that goes with the duties. It is sad that people think they are “voted into power’. No. The power resides in The People. They are rather “voted into office”. We need to hold accountable to office people who are in the helm of affairs when things go wrong. Invariably one way or the other, the buck stops at their feet.
What is this nonsense of everybody predicting and prophesying? Go get a job. yes get a job. I will not point fingers but then a true man of GOD has a job and still gives off the little he/she has to the needy. A true man of GOD will not dwell on fear and create panic among the flock. A true man of GOD will intercede silently and will not just open their mouth as though they are suffering from diarrhea. A true man of GOD will urge you to find your GOD given talent and work diligently to succeed in light. Today, all have fallen short of the glory of GOD, mentioning HIS name without fear. It is as though we cannot survive without being told what we have to do. Why do we need someone to tell us that unless we do so we are going to die? Let me point this out, The fear created in you does not allow you to see clearly ahead and do the right things. They take away your freedom, ingenuity and your very self. You have allowed these fraudsters to sit at home and eat good food, drive good cars while you toil and feed their habits. One aspect I do not get is their pictures on flyers. Is it because Jesus the Christ has no pictures? Why o why?
we need to wake up as a people. Yes wake up. we need to rewire our attitudinal thinking and rewrite not only our individual blueprints but that of our country Ghana as a whole. Let us begin to question and hold accountable those in office.
1. Who gave permission for a store to be built in Achimota that collapsed and killed some innocent people? how have they been held accountable? There are countless incidents that can be linked to these “wayside” architects.

2. Road accidents. Accident reports. Have they been followed up? Are the suspects held accountable?
2A. If the road accident is due to the negligence of a road construction contractor, what has been the outcome? Any fines? Any trials? Any suspensions?
2B. If the road accident is due to shoddy work, have both the supervising party and the contractor been hauled before a regulatory body?
2C. If the road accident is due to faulty road vehicle, has the individual who declared such vehicle road worthy been reprimanded/suspended/fired/prosecuted?                                       2D. Have we thought about prosecuting the drivers and owners of these vehicles that are parked by the roadsides or on the roads in the name of being “broken down”? Do we have a tow truck industry in Ghana?                                                      2E. DVLA?

3. General Negligence: Have those in charge been processed before court for causing negligence for this or that? Have they been been reprimanded/demoted or in any way or form been held accountable?

4. Can we as a people condemn lawlessness and stop shielding wrongdoers? How many of us keep on intervening for criminals (especially the ones who steal from the poor) and go behind closed doors (in camera) to work things?

5. Corruption. Be prepared to stand trial for being corrupt. Do not think because you are going to pay the so called  ten percent as tithe and sow a seed so you are absolved of your sins. No! That so called taking money from you is aiding and abetting and should likewise be charged and prosecuted.

6. How about those top police officers who take money to free the suspects? How about those top police officers who abuse their office for stomach gains?  Will they be shielded by political guns or will they be let loose to hang? Are they ruled by law or are they above the law? Not only the police officers but all those in uniform who should be upholding the law and protecting the citizenry!

I am begging you as you read this article to commit yourself to changing your attitude. Change your thinking. Hold yourself accountable. You will depart this earth one day. Go with a clean conscience. Do not have anyone’s blood on your hands or head for trust me the curses so generated will follow your descendants. I am livid but …… I am counting on you. Ghana is counting on you. #SILENTNOISES is counting on you. Your conscience is counting on you. REWIRE ATTITUDINAL THINKING!

I am only a messenger.

Published by: #SIGHlentNoises ~knm

I am a social advocate with a biased focus on empowering Fathers to be role models for not only their children but all children. I also love to write reflecting, satirical and humorous articles and poems on social issues. I am married to a wonderful and loving wife with whom I have three lovely children.

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