“Onaapo” New Year OOOO!

My eyes burn. It is bad. What do I do? No choice but to sleep. In sleep do I wake and when I wake, I am present. In the being.

Some fifteen years ago, a young musician highlighted a show in Ghana. He wore a suit. It was made out of local print. He believed in merging the Western with the African if not Ghanaian. To me he still is one of Ghana’s finest dancehall kings. Big ups Terry B wherever you are!

The best music award goes to …. The best composer I will give to Nacee and crew. The words of their song was two edged. So it came to pass the table was turned and NADAA became president. He was sworn into office in January of 2017. Change has come. Change is knocking at the door. People want to swerve change.

Tweaaa! For where? People say they are only one year into office so we cannot compare but charley if the song is nice you will play it twice. Inauguration day was like the first independence day. The euphoria was ecstatic. The yoke had been lifted. Alas it was and is still the same oxen!

So it came to pass that there was saga over stolen cars. Exes wanted to keep their honorable titles and the equipment that went with it notably the V-8 and V-12 Toyota Land Cruisers. That was and still is the Hallmark of an Honorable (No work but you want to chop nyafu nyafu). Some of the cars were chased and seized from the bush.

The new old government was not perturbed. They believed this was their year.(What about 2018?) They pushed through 110 ministers to head and deputize at the various ministries. Herrrrr. Typical case of the boys must chop. People complained and begged. People wept and pled. The new old government said NO! 110 is my number. After all, somebody chose to distribute I10 Hyundai cars or ? Similarity is family. Aloooo?

In March of 2017, GAJ was born. The gestation period was…. I have forgotten. GAJ hosted a massive event after coordinating to help host the Black Stars of Ghana and their American counterparts at the Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Ct. Congratulations to Founder and CEO Mr. Fred Kojo Kyeremeh and his team. We want more action from you guys. Visit GAJ at www. GAJReport.com

Then overnight it came to pass. Proper Onaapo. To wit ” you won’t get”. It was like your dad before travelling promising to bring back chocolate and actually fulfilling his promise. Free SHS came into fruition. Sweet. Every one will attend school. Every new thing has bottlenecks so is Free SHS. So is GhanaPost GPS. But this GPS wahala… I like the way some refer to it as “Bawumia GPS”.  Could due diligence not have been done? Why the rush? In haste to cross the road, one tends to be knocked down by an oncoming vehicle. Patience is a virtue.

Or is it because lawlessness still prevails? Some Invicible yet visible forces were bold enough to descend on the white wigs and nearly recreated them. They even stormed the seat of the new old government and tossed opponents about like volley balls. Them be macho! The prosecutors were so scared they said they were no witnesses to their rampaging bullish behaviors. (The prosecutors were afraid)

Charley, matter don come house. English exercise: What do you get when you combine Capital and UT ( is it a word)? Answer is CAPUT! Done. Finito. So did two banks end. They did not make it into 2018. No crossover for them. Capital and UT bit the dust. Terrible year  for them after winning awards the previous year or two. In fact one of the banks had one of the country’s top notch pastors on its board and as a mega shareholder. The prayers did not work neither id he “see” the writing on the wall. Truly no one knows tomorrow. Lol

The president of the new old government fired off a serious Salvo to the French leader. I felt so proud watching that clip. As for the slavery in Libya, he did not say much. Or did he? The president must do  more. I think he should stop the promises (is he trying to be called John D.M.) and just do what must be done. Ghanaians voted for change and he must ensure things change lest he be changed.

2017 saw an increase in nudity. Not as in mental health issues or can it be put so? but as in stage craft paaa. Free show. Please don’t enter 2018 with that …..

Bukom Banku was demolished, destroyed, restructured, rehabilitated, reconstructed, rebuilt, (add more) by an unknown. The Beast. The guy do Bukom pasaaaa. He does not grant interviews again and behaves very well now. I have not heard or read about him using the opposite sex for punching bags or sparring partners again. Hehehehe

Some left us. We remember them. We applaud their work. Especially those that departed in road accidents and at the mercy of the health centers. What could have been done? What was done? Are we still passing the buck? Or we will rise and do it? Mr. President, please stop the unnecessary purchase of high end vehicles and invest that money in health care, road network and education. Please.

On that note, I thank you all for a wonderful year and equally wish you all a Happy New Year!

As for “One corner”, hmmmm but I love “Bronya”. The award goes to “Onaapo, Onaapo…”


Published by: #SILENTNOISES

I am a social advocate with a biased focus on empowering Fathers to be role models for not only their children but all children. I also love to write reflecting articles and poems on social issues. I am married with a wonderful and loving wife with whom I have three lovely children.

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