Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of privacy.
The world has indeed become a village. Very small. Every corner is easily accessible. We are now able to see and hear everybody everywhere. We easily know of happenings even at times in what is termed “RealTime”. (Which time is fake?)
Thanks to technology and its advancement, the world is now digitized. In my youthful days to see a video recorder in its entirety was something spectacular. A friend had one. I respected him. (O yes I am the village boy in Accra). That was me. Did we think of recording everything? It was the power of a retentive memory and the ability to recount word for word that showed your profiency. People could narrate movies right from the start till “The End”. People were prolific. Now…

It is easy to record everything and anything these days. The activities of people are recorded without their knowledge. Some even go to the extent of recording phone conversations without some of the participants in the call knowing. Some record supposed private conversations for what I do not know. All with a cell phone.
I remember the early days of the cellbphone in Ghana. Mobitel. It was huge and thick. To be precise it was monstrous. It was bulky to carry. It had no camera. It had no recording apps. The cellphone has evolved. Different brands; different makes. Different phones for different classes of people. Phones held together by rubber bands or in a gold plated diamond encrusted case. People would spend money on phones and go hungry. All because of the features of the phone. The camera pixels and its dual cameras. The ability to record both ways (not only voice but images too). Even the ability to edit what you have recorded. The ability to browse the internet in the palm of your hand. The ability to hold conference calls on the go; to type readily as it comes to mind (I am doing that now). A palm held computer. The cell phone has come of age. With it ….
To this end, today by the grace of technology we have what is termed Social Media. Media that allows us to socialize, fraternize, disorganize, abuse, hurl long distance insults, become judge and jury and executioner, inform and misinform, promote and downgrade. It is crazy. Various platforms that allow us to interact freely without inhibition of distance or expense. Social Media is good and some are simply not using it well.

To the “Now”. When you are invited to an event, you are invited as a guest. Unless you are told or invited or contracted as the photographer or video recorder, I do not see your business in recording and or taking photographs and posting them online. I believe if the host/hostess sought the services of a photographer or video recorder they would have contracted your services. If they have notcontracted you or invited you to take pictures or record their event, you have no business doing so and posting pictures and video recordings of their event. It is simply frustrating and mind boggling. Get it. It is an INVASION OF PRIVACY! Take your personal pictures and post them but do not invade their privacy. Many might say in defence ” we should have been notified” or ” why did they not say no cameras allowed?”
My answer: “Common Sense”
To be continued…


Published by: #SILENTNOISES

I am a social advocate with a biased focus on empowering Fathers to be role models for not only their children but all children. I also love to write reflecting articles and poems on social issues. I am married with a wonderful and loving wife with whom I have three lovely children.

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