The Merry Go-around

The Merry Go-around

Singing and crying
Laughter with sorrow
Tear drenched kerchief filled with sweat,
toil in excess that brings no fruit,
Shame in glory that cajoles wealth,
nonsensical idiocracy that translates into religion,
onions have become opinions,
The stench of trash is the new perfume,
pardon me, excuse me is threatening,
for with force and by the force we claim,
what has never been ours!
Ugly is beautiful
Adorned like a donkey which is no more than an a….
Beautiful no longer is in your eyes but what money tells you.
I dance at midnight
In the middle of the river
When the sun is at its highest,
burning up in the torrential rain.

Laugh. It is only a circus
A Merry Go-around



Published by: #SILENTNOISES

I am a social advocate with a biased focus on empowering Fathers to be role models for not only their children but all children. I also love to write reflecting articles and poems on social issues. I am married with a wonderful and loving wife with whom I have three lovely children.

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