Social media sensationalism.
Greetings. Another Friday. I love social media. It is like being surrounded by a bank of computers and being fed with all sorts of news. At once!
I simply love the way we grab onto a topic and make some hullabaloo. After 2 or 3 days, we start another one. SENSATIONALISM!
We need to address issues and see them to a fruitful conclusion not like that half baked bread. (can you imagine?)
I love Whatsapp. I love their platform experience but it’s a nuisance at times. It has allowed for mates, friends, siblings, ex-lovers, would be lovers, enemeies, frenemies to share a common platform of cyber socialisation. A cyber walk in a cyber park. We gift and share cakes. We share beers and whiskeys (nsem wo world). At times it is just a load of ….being shared. Irrelevant stuff. But then if what you like is what I like I would have a brassiere on my b…
From Facebook to Whatsapp, maybe Twitter and LinkeDIn, now everyone preaches. I don’t want to know how much you love God. Stop telling me every day. I would rather you live God in your life. Yes live Him. What have you done that would show you to be your brother’s keeper?
Morning afternoon evening night.
Empower someone. Encourage someone.
I have showed you love. You too
I am yours truly

#TeamGAJ   #GhanaianAmericanJournal


Published by: #SILENTNOISES

I am a social advocate with a biased focus on empowering Fathers to be role models for not only their children but all children. I also love to write reflecting articles and poems on social issues. I am married with a wonderful and loving wife with whom I have three lovely children.

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