Letter to my Dad 2: In a haze

Goodmorning Dad, how are you doing today?  I pray I am not disturbing you. Please take time to read this letter and act swiftly. I think it is very important. Sorry for rushing things. How is mom? Nana and Aunty R? My greetings. Are you still dieting? I never knew dieting is not that easy but gradually I am losing weight. I blame the weight gain on the Government. They have subsidized pork so it is cheap. Can you believe The GOG subsidized ‘Akonfem’ only for them to run away across the border? Lack of Border Guards or immigration officers led to them crossing the border in their numbers without Visas.  Here, the “quii” run about against the chickens. hahahahahaha. Speaking of GoG, dad, hmmmmm the country is going backwards.  The man put the GEAR into reverse. One way!!!! I am tempted to think he has a degree in Promisiology. He promises like a fox. Cunningly. The populace are beginning to see through it all. People are discerning fast. I think your talk about three types of people being in leadership has come to pass. GoG now has STATIC and RETROGRESSIVE leadership. I will further expatiate in my next letter.

I have finally come to terms that your wife, my mother is no more. It has been TEN years since her transfer. I finally bade her farewell. Guess what, the son of Uncle Ernest, the one who got his brother that he never knew a job is gone. Yes, he has come to jo in you. Just like that. No warning. Nothing!!! I dare not call Uncle Ernest. I am in so much grief I wish you were here. Please ask Angel Michael and Gabriel and all the heavenly hosts to comfort Uncle Ernest and family.

Dad,  the toils and fortitude with which you guys built GoG is gone. There is so much corruption and back stabbing you will not believe majority of the populace  chant ‘ by the blood of Jesus’ and ‘ Yesu mogya nka wani’ by the second. In the face of religiosity, crimes are being perpetrated. Everybody must chop and is chopping. Few are doing it the legitimate way. Another topic to visit on its own.

Ojukwu!!! Guy Loaf,CJ, Risky, Be careful, Kwabena Mensah, massa i miss you bad. Tell mummy I will write to her soon. She will be sad at the plight of teachers now but ?

Even Korle Bu is a hot mess. Instead of allocating money to fix things, the money is diverted to the office of the No 1 gentleman of the land. Now he has even promised to build a modern mortuary. Why?

Dad, I will be writing to you soon but for fear I will cap it under a Civilian Major. O yes! I am still a major. hehehehehe. Love you sir. Bye for now




Published by: #SILENTNOISES

I am a social advocate with a biased focus on empowering Fathers to be role models for not only their children but all children. I also love to write reflecting articles and poems on social issues. I am married with a wonderful and loving wife with whom I have three lovely children.

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3 thoughts on “Letter to my Dad 2: In a haze”

  1. Really enjoyed reading about the silent noise and letter to my dad. Even though silent to my dad was very emotional for me I can see the nice relationship you had with your parents and for that I’m really grateful for reading this.

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